The Advance Junior Club is run separately from the Saturday Junior Club, so that a dedicated and specific schedule of development can be delivered. With the help of our Advance Club riders we have created an excellent mix of coaching sessions and outride’s that will focus on race participation and development.
The coaching team will continue to focus on race techniques and encourage our Advance riders to participate in the recommencement of our BFCC Race series. As in previous years we will be alternating coaching sessions with participation and supporting the fortnightly Social Club rides and/or Outrides.

Advance Junior Club participation and expectation
Junior members of the Club will be invited to join the Advance group by our coaching team should they spot a talented rider within the younger Saturday Junior Club riders. All BFCC coaches will be looking to spot future talent and to make recommendations to move up to the Advance group based on potential ability, commitment and rider conduct. For many this may come at the end of the Summer/Autumn season where the rider’s dedication in attendance could be encouraged by joining the all-year-round Advance Junior Club.

In addition to moving from the ranks of our Saturday Club, there will be the opportunity for some new riders to be considered for direct membership of the Advance Juniors via our Social Club rides. These rides will be at an intermediate level and Junior members interested in joining the Advance group (but have not yet been selected by coaches from the Saturday Club) to ride with our coaches and to enable them to make an informed decision regarding ability and fitness.

Note: any Junior undertaking assessment must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The Club is committed to developing young riders and all we ask in return is an equal commitment from riders. In partnership with our younger riders, we have created our own Code of Conduct that we expect all riders to respect and encourage others to follow.

Parental Consent and GDPR

All Juniors will be required to obtain and complete our new Parental Consent & GDPR form. This is an annual requirement, and we request all parents to download the form, complete and hand-in to the coaching team.

Free trial session for those juniors considering joining the club but would like to experience a session before committing to becoming a member. In these cases, please email to book your free session. You will need to complete our Parental Consent & GDPR Form in advance and bring with you on the day. Please download advice and location map for more information – see links above.

Diary dates

The Advance Junior Club starts at 10am and finishes at 12noon. We ask riders to meet at the BFCC Meeting Point area located opposite the cycle hire shop bike wash between 9.30 – 9.45am as we depart promptly at 10am. For Parents/Guardians collecting children, please be prompt and collect your child/ren from the cycle bike wash area meeting point at 12noon.

Diary of events: Advance Junior Club

Please ensure that riders bring snacks, plenty to drink and appropriate clothing for the weather at the time.

CAR PARK: Free drop-off & pick-up parking only last 20 minutes, thereafter a charge will apply.

IMPORTANT: Due to weather conditions during the winter season we may have to cancel Advance Junior sessions at the last minute. Please ensure that your contact email address is known to our Head Coach and that you double check emails on Friday evenings and BEFORE departing for any sessions or outrides.

Details of outrides, any changes and general communications will only use email to advise Advance riders. Any specific questions, please speak to any of the coaches in the first instance or if urgent email Gary Scott – Head Coach

NOTE: All the scheduled activities for Advance Juniors are open to change. Advance Juniors or their Parents will be emailed directly advising on activities and any changes or additions.

On occasion, we may add more non-BFCC race events for Advance Juniors to participate in, some of which may fall on a Sunday. Under such circumstances we may opt to cancel the Saturday session, if it falls on that weekend.

Please ensure that our Head Coach has your current email address as this will be the main form of communication. Remember to check your emails BEFORE any events to see if last minutes changes have been necessary.