BFCC remains committed to providing sport education and skill development for all our members. The Committee continues to invest and review the sports development in order to support the growing demands of our membership. The Club is rightly proud that we are recognised as an all-inclusive Club and welcome all riders of all abilities.

Subject to members demand, any adult courses will be led by two British Cycling coaches and aims to develop the core skills to support riders in improving their enjoyment of the 13km off-road single track or the family trails at Bedgebury Forest. The course/s will look at the various techniques required to be a safe, competent and skilled rider in either multi-users family trails or an off-road environment, although the skills learnt can apply to any cycling discipline or activity.

The courses would aim to reflect a wide spectrum of riders from those who haven’t ridden a bike for years to people who ride regularly and understand the basic principles of cycling, but not necessarily in an off-road environment. We would also cover many aspects of mountain biking skills, which look to develop & build on from your current riding ability and skills.

The Clubs overall aim is to make the off-road cycling exciting and to encourage you to develop your newly learnt skills through regular riding. Our qualified and highly experience coaches are committed to passing on the techniques that look so easy & yet can prove so difficult to execute. The dedicated coaching area continually evolves and provides a safe & friendly environment in which all riders can achieve new skills and confidence.

The coaching team is available to support development of MTB skills for our adult members, so it’s never too late to start learning a deeper understanding of the skills and techniques that will improve your enjoyment of the sport. You may think you know how to ride…, but you may be surprised by the difference a few sessions of coaching will make to your riding.

Expression of interest for group courses will be requested to facilitate demand, as well as opportunities to book some personal 1:1 coaching that would be tailored to your specific needs.

NOTE: All one-to-one coaching sessions or personal coaching will be under separate contract fees directly with the coach. If you are interested in individual coaching or wish to register your interest in a group session, then please email Gary Scott – Head Coach with your enquiry.

Adult MTB core skills course

Please email the Head Coach to express an interest in participating in a group course. Cost would be £50 for a 4-hour session with minimum of 3 riders to maximum 8 riders. There is a 10% discount for BFCC members.

Adult MTB – 1:1 coaching (Aged 18 or above)

An alternative offer to group sessions or when low numbers don’t fulfil our minimum criteria to run a group session, is to consider booking personal bespoke 1:1 coaching. These sessions run for approx. 2.5 hours and are subject to availability of an appropriately qualified coach. Please email the Head Coach to express an interest in booking a 1:1 coaching session. Charges and contract will be agreed between rider and the individual coach, not BFCC.

Club rides – alternative Saturday mornings

BFCC will be re-introducing the members Club rides, where people can just turn-up and ride with fellow members on a relaxed ride of the 13km red route. These will commence as from Saturday 25th March 2023 and run every fortnight thereafter. We will meet at the bike wash meeting point for 9.45am and a prompt 10am start. The ride will last approx. 2 hours.

The rides will be led and accompanied by BFCC coaches, who can offer friendly advice and first aid support, so every rider can participate, learn and enjoy. The pace is set by the group and allows for all abilities. This may mean dividing the group into two groups – relaxed and not-so-relaxed!

Club Outrides

During the year, the Club will be running a number of outrides to other MTB riding centres, forests and general local cross-country ventures. These will be Saturday mornings and join the Advance Junior Club outings. Riders will need to be competent MTB riders, self-sufficient and have a reasonable level of fitness, as these rides will be between 3 – 4 hours, including lunch stop. Qualified first aid support and friendly advice always on hand.

Dates and locations will be published on the website and via Facebook, so do visit regularly to avoid disappointment.