BFCC offers within its Junior membership access to the wonderful sport of Mountain Biking and our aim is simple – to introduce the enjoyment and sense of achievement that riders of all ages and ability can reach by participating in cycling.

We are delighted by the number of Junior’s who participated in the Saturday Club over the years and we continue similar opportunities this year with our successful formula of offering two ability streams for our Junior Club members – the Saturday Junior Club and the Advance Junior Club.

The Saturday Junior Club is open to members only and operates under a just turning-up and participating policy – no need to book in advance. Coaching will be based in our dedicated coaching area and riders will meet and be collected from this area.

Riders within the Saturday Junior Club may be invited join the all-year-round Advance Junior Club when their ability reaches a competent level and thus enjoy the great British winter weather. Our focus for Advance Juniors will be coaching to race, outride’s, having fun and learning to develop their skills.

Advance Junior Club participation

All Junior members of the Club will be invited to join the Advance Junior Club by our coaching team should they spot a talented rider within the younger Saturday Junior Club riders. Participation at an advanced level is based on MTB technical skills ability and not by the rider’s age.

The coaching team do not have the capacity to undertake individual assessments for riders who believe they are suitably skilled to immediately join the Advance Juniors. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that any rider enquiry will be considered for the Advance Juniors without first attending our Saturday Club or participating in the Club social rides. Our default position is that all riders should initially attend the Saturday Club, regardless of ability. However, be assured that any talented and skill rider will quickly be identified and invited to the Advance Juniors.

If any Parent/Guardian or rider has any questions, please refer to the Junior Club – FAQ sheet or better still do speak with any of our professional coaches – we are a friendly bunch and we are here to encourage cycling and to make it enjoyable & fun for all.

We look forward to welcoming back our Junior’s to another fun season of cycling.

Gary Scott
Head Coach/Go-Ride Coordinator.

P.S. For more information and dates, please see our Coaching page or click on the following links: