Bedgebury Forest has always had trails running through it that only the locals knew about, but in 2006 an official singletrack loop was formed by the Forestry Commission with the help of National lottery funding.

Gradually regular cyclists from the area that had been riding there gathered together and thought that in order to publicise and encourage more mountain biking to the forest they would form a mountain biking club and called it the Bedgebury Forest Cycling Club. Some of the original founders are still active in the club’s committee even now.

The club grew and after a few years gained a British Cycling accredited clubmark so that we were able to offer coaching, racing and started to plan and build new trails within the forest as although there was a single track trail, there was also a large amount of unsurfaced fire roads that linked the sections and these became very muddy during the Winter. The club are very proud to say that they have built from scratch seven sections of singletrack namely ‘Wanda’s trail’ ‘Deerstalker’ ‘The cake run’ ‘Thirsty Turkey’ ‘Prevaricators pass’ Holby’ & ‘Not so pointless’, we built the original boardwalk on the first part of ‘Bikea’, hence the name, and as well as that we built a naturally surfaced racing circuit and training area.

By 2010 the club was the fastest growing mountain bike club in the UK and has since then been able to deliver a very successful Junior club and in conjunction with our grass roots Summer racing series has resulted in many of our young riders being able to pursue a career in professional cycling.