Racing News

Racing News

All the dates for this years race series are now up on the British Cycling website, This year we have 4 rounds of the XC champs and mid-summer sees the return of our epic 6 hour race, Dates and details at British Cycling. Given the rain and snow we have had over the last few weeks the race track needs a little rest, so we would ask all club members not to ride on the course until the first race meeting.

  • Event 1 Bedgebury Forest CC MTB XC Series CANCELLED  Sat 14/04/18

Event 1 is cancelled due to exceptionally wet conditions on the race circuit and spectator/admin areas.



Membership Renewals

Membership Renewals

It’s that time of year when we all need to renew our club membership. We do hope you feel belonging to the BFCC is good value and don’t forget all the things that we have to offer you. Including unlimited parking at Bedgebury with your parking fees used for trail development, a great summer race series, club rides at Bedgebury and elsewhere, coaching opportunities, the ever popular Junior club and much more, what a bargain!


Ladies Ride Sunday 14th Jan

As usual it’s meeting at the bike wash in the car park to be ready to ride at 10am. It’s a loop of the red route led by Alice Jarvis.

If it’ll be your first time, please have a look at our ladies ride information to find out what to expect.


Results of Event 4 of the Bedgebury XC Series August 19th 2017

Results of Event 4 of the Bedgebury XC Series August 19th 2017

Here’s the results (PDF Format):

Result of Bedgebury Forest CC XC Series 2017 Event 4

Another great year for the Club Championship, we had a record number of riders competing, with riders as young as 4 years old enjoying their first race to top level senior riders looking for the win. It was really great to see so many of our junior club members taking part and a lot of seniors racing for the first time. Well done to all our club members who took part.

The races take a lot of organisation, both in advance and on the day, so we would like to thank all those who helped mark out and breakdown the course, helped with sign on and all the admin, 1st aid and marshalling. A big thank you as always to Geoff and Carol for overseeing everything.


Race Programme Sat 20th May 2017

  • 10:00 Under 8
    – 8mins
  • 10:15 Under 10
    – 10mins
  • 10:30 Under 12
    – 15mins
  • 11:00 Women / Women Juniors / Women Vets
    – 1hr 15mins
  • 11:30 Youth (Under 16 Male/Female
    – 45 mins
  • 11:45 Juvenile (Under 14) Male / Female
  • 12:45 Male Elite / Expert / Junior / Fun
    – 1hr 15mins
  • 12:46 Male Veterans / Grand Veterans / Super Veterans
    1hr 15mins

Round 1 BFCC Summer XC series – Results

Under 8
1st 21 Noah Smith Team Darenth
2nd 28 Thorsten Cook Thanet Road Club
3rd 26 Oliver Lord
4th 24 Woody Clayton Bedgebury Boars
5th 25 Franklin Morris Kent Velo Kids
6th 27 Ivo Thwaites Kent Velo Kids
7th 30 Oliver Goodman Bedgebury Boars
8th 20 Elliot Dunn Bedgebury Boars
9th 22 Barnaby Smith Team Darenth
10th 23 Betsy Hacker Kent Velo Kids 1st Girl
11th 29 Jason Manning

Under 10
1st 17 Lughaidh Cook Thanet Road Club
2nd 10 Jude McGreevy Team Darenth
3rd 13 Tulsi Bakrania Team Darenth 1st Girl
4th 9 Albert Hacker Kent Velo Kids
5th 119 Scott Smith Bedgebury Boars
6th 117 Finlay Goodman Bedgebury Boars
7th 4 Jake Farrar Bedgebury Boars
8th 19 Isaac Ayers VC Jubilee
9th 114 Liam Connolly VC Jubilee
10th 8 Oliver James Pedal 2 Pedal
11th 12 Holly Hazell Team Darenth 2nd Girl
12th 11 Alex Corti Bedgebury Boars
13th 5 Llouis Muir Brighton Excelsior
14th 118 James Hackett Bedgebury Boars
15th 3 Sam Farrar Bedgebury Boars
16th 14 Lola Arnold Team Darenth 3rd Girl
17th 120 Charles Thompson
18th 121 Ilana Lord VC Deal 4th Girl
19th 15 Oliver Clarke Kent Velo Kids
20th 7 Charlotte Hennessy Kent Velo Kids 5th Girl
21st 1 Jack Morgan
22nd 116 Kerys Baker Team Darenth 6th Girl
23rd 2 Suzie Dixon 7th Girl

Under 12
1st 46 Alfie Amey Team Darenth
2nd 47 Oscar Amey Team Darenth
3rd 52 Charlie Hart Thanet Road Club
4th 51 George Harvey VC Jubilee
5th 53 Louis Bolton VC Jubilee
6th 44 Hope Inglis Kent Velo Kids 1st Girl
7th 48 Freya Cook Thanet Road Club 2nd Girl
8th 55 Thomas Whitely Bedgebury Boars
9th 45 Eloise Potel Kent Velo Kids 3rd Girl
10th 50 Krystian Abramek
11th 54 Louie Harris VC Deal
12th 42 Sophia Poeiriadis 4th Girl
13th 41 Gethan Tweedie Bedgebury Boars
14th 49 Hania Kozlowska 5th Girl
15th 43 Joshua de la Mar Kent Velo Kids
16th 40 Devan Rawling Bedgebury Boars

Under 14
1st 81 Alex Harvey VC Jubilee
2nd 80 Luke Hazell Team Darenth
3rd 91 Piers Higginson Team Darenth
4th 83 Ferdie Parsons VC Jubilee
5th 90 Yani Djelil Team Darenth
6th 89 Shrish Bakrania Team Darenth
7th 87 Zak Wall Cyclefit RT
8th 84 Milo Summers Herne Hill Youth CC
9th 86 Oliver Harris VC Deal
10th 76 George Meakin
11th 79 Michael White Woolwich CC
12th 78 Mason Johnson-Stenning Team Darenth
13th 93 Emily Lines Team Darenth 1st Girl

Under 16
1st 99 Robbie White Woolwich CC
2nd 97 Thomas Knowler Team Darenth
3rd 100 Oscar Brewster Bedgebury Boars
4th 105 Jack Lear Bedgebury Boars
5th 102 Thomas Woodall VC Jubilee
6th 96 James Percy
7th 95 Ryan Black
8th 98 Samuel Dale Woolwich CC

1st 63 Eddie Davies Dulwich Paragon
2nd 55 Finn Mulleague Trek Concept MK
3rd 62 Robin Jarvis Bedgebury Forest CC
4th 56 Jack Newman Bedgebury Forest CC
5th 60 Ben Stewart Bedgebury Forest CC
6th 57 Patrick Faint Team Darenth
1st 67 Natalie Foreman Bedgebury Forest CC
2nd 65 Jo-Ann Perry PMR Racing
3rd Kary Greer Kent Velo Kids
1st 11 Mark Shepherd Fruit 4London
2nd 8 Ben Swann Dulwich Paragon
3rd 12 Andrew Snowball VC de Londres
4th 9 Luke Sheffield Bedgebury Forest CC
5th 1 Daniel James Deal Tri
6th 10 James Malone Dulwich Paragon
7th 5 Dan Gooding Ashford Road Club
8th 3 Stefan Abram
9th 7 Alvaro Mari-Thompson Dulwich Paragon
10th 14 Sam Ward Bedgebury Forest CC
11th 2 Martin Wooller

1st 34 Joe Willard
2nd 31 Tim Johnston Southborough and District
3rd 45 Jamie Marshall Bedgebury Forest CC
4th 47 Mark Goodman EM Cycles
5th 50 Charlie Codring Dulwich Paragon Grand Vet
6th 41 Julian Wall Cyclefit RT Grand Vet
7th 52 Peter St-Amour
8th 40 Richard McVey Adalta Grand Vet
9th 46 Peter Bareford Arctic RT
10th 48 Steve Blackmore Team Darenth Grand Vet
11th 32 Jeremy Brown Bedgebury Forest CC
12th 42 Richard Allen Weald Tri-Club Super Vet
13th 49 Paul Allan SEEDS CC Grand Vet
14th 39 Kevin Ashton
15th 35 Rob Dale Woolwich CC Grand Vet
16th 38 Oliver Latty
17th 33 Richard Stevenson Bedgebury Forest CC Grand Vet
18th 37 Paul Baker Team Darenth Grand Vet
19th 43 Jez Clarke Kent Velo Kids
20th 44 Gary Thwaites Bedge bury Forest CC


Help needed for XC race days at Bedgebury

We’re looking for a few new helpers for our 5 Race Days at Bedgebury.

  • 22nd April
  • 20th May
  • 24th June 6 Hour Endurance Race Senior Riders only
  • 15th July
  • 19th August

If you could help on one or more of the days please contact me for details.

  • We need a few extra Marshalls,
  • an additional Lap recorder,
  • an additional helper with Rider Registration.
  • An additional Race track marker

Anyone who can check the Race track the week before a race, move small fallen trees prune nasty brambles etc. The FC will deal with large trees or we have to make a safe trail detour round the obstacle.
Also if you would just like to get involved, please let us know.

Telephone 07539112965 or 01622 870276
We’re looking forward to hearing from you.