Provisional Results of BFCC MTB Races 20th Aug 2016

22nd August 2016

Under 8

1st 1 Max Holmes Team Darenth

2nd 3 Scott Smith Bedgebury Boars

3rd 9 Finlay Goodman Bedgebury Boars

4th 6 Luke Hart Thanet Road Club

5th 1 Holly Hazel Team Darenth

6th 5 Oliver Clarke Kent Velo Kids

7th 4 Lola Arnold Team Darenth

8th 8 Ted Mitchell Aim Active

9th 2 Seth Balaam

10th 10 Oliver Goodman Bedgebury Boars

11th 12 Beau Larkin

Under 12

1st 25 Oscar Amey Team Darenth

2nd 36 Max Holmes Team Darenth

3rd 11 Mak Larkin

4th 34 Jude McGreevy Team Darenth

5th 35 Tulsi Bakrania Team Darenth

6th 29 Scott Smith Bedgebury Boars

7th 28 Jake Farrar Bedgebury Boars

8th 27 Sam Farrar Bedgebury Boars

9th 32 Finlay Goodman Bedgebury Boars

10th 33 Kerys Baker Team Darenth

11th 30 James Hackett Bedgebury Boars

12th 26 Holly Hazell Team Darenth

13th 31 Oliver Clarke Kent Velo Kids

Under 12

1st 51 Alfie Amey Team Darenth

2nd 54 Patrick Lear Bedgebury Boars

3rd 57 Shrish Bakrania Team Darenth

4th 60 Piers Higginson Team Darenth

5th 59 Yani Djelil Team Darenth

6th 53 Charlie Hart Thanet Road Club

7th 52 Mason Johnson-Stening Team Darenth

8th 50 William Munday Bedgebury Boars

9th 58 Tulsi Bakrania Team Darenth

10th 56 Kerys Baker Team Darenth

Under 14

1st 73 Jack Lear Bedgebury Boars

2nd 70 Thomas Knowler Team Darenth

3rd = 71 Luke Hazell Team Darenth

4th = 72 Caleb Brown Team Darenth

5th 75 Shrish Bakrania Team Darenth

6th 74 Patrick Lear Bedgebury Boars

7th 76 George Stevens Bedgebury Boars

Under 16

1st 99 Oscar Brewster Bedgebury Boars


1st 30 Robin Jarvis Bedgebury Forest Cycle Club

2nd 31 Patrick Faint Team Darenth


1st 47 Joe Willard Bedgebury Forest CC

2nd 46 Mark Goodman RM Cycles

3rd 41 Chris Balaam

4th 43 Russell Crowe Abellio SFA Racing Team

5th 44 Jez Clarke Kent Velo

6th 51 Dan Grezley

7th 49 Ketan Bakrania Team Darenth

8th 45 Abe Hackett

9th 50 Chris Hilless Team Darenth

10th 40 David Taylor

11th 42 Tony Smith


1st 61 Jo-Anne Perry PMR@Toachim House

2nd 62 Ali Jarvis Bedgebury Forest Cycle Club


1st 3 Glenn Whittington Southborough and District Whs

2nd 4 David Rees Dulwich Paragon

3rd 8 Andrew Snowball VC Londres

4th 5 Luke Sheffield Bedgebury Forest Cycle Club

5th 2 Mike Chaplin Redhill CC

6th 6 Chris Cooper PB Cycle Coaching RT

7th 1 Alex Reed

8th 7 Sam Ward Bedgebury Forest CC

Provisional result Final result will be issued on 29August 2016