Provisional Results of BFCC MTB Races 16th July 2016

18th July 2016

Under 8

1st 16 Max Holmes Team Darenth

2nd 9  Albert Hacker Kent Velo  Kids

3rd 3  Scott Smith Bedgebury Boars

4th 14 Finlay Godman Bedgebury Boars

5th 6  Holly Hazell Team Darenth  1st Girl

6th 1 Jayden Dorton

7th 7 Oliver Clarke Kent Velo Kids

8th 13 Alex Tremain Team Darenth

9th 10 Luke Draper Bedgebury Boars

10th 4  Thorsten Cook Thanet Road Club

11th 2 Arno Dale Kent Velo Kids

12th 15 Oliver Goodman Bedgebury Boars

13th 8 Betsy Hacker Kent Velo Girls  2nd Girl

14th 11 Rowan Murphy Inta Lofts

15th 12 James Tremain Team Darenth

Under 10

1st 30 Oscar Amey Team Darenth

2nd 42 Max Holmes Team Darenth

3rd 33 Lughaidh Cook Thanet Road Club

4th 41 Tulsi Bakrania Team Darenth  1st Girl

5th 36 Jake Farrar Bedgebury Boars

6th 35 Sam Farrar Bedgebury Boars

7th  40 Finlay Goodman Bedgebury Boars

8th 32 Scott Smith Bedgebury Boars

9th 39  Kerrys  Baker Team Darenth 2nd Girl

10th 31 Rosemary Dale Kent Velo Kids 3rd Girl

11th 37 Oliver Clarke Kent Velo Kids

12th 34 James Hackett Bedgebury Boars

Under 12

1st 61 Alfie Amey Team Darenth

2nd 66 Patrick Lear Bedgebury Boars

3rd 69 Shrish Bakrania Team Darenth

4th 71 Piers Higginson Team Darenth

5th 67 Jack Joe Bedgebury Boars

6th 68 Mason Johnson-Stenning   Team Darenth

7th 63 Emily Lines Kent Velo Kids    1st Girl

8th  64 Freya Cook Thanet Road Club 2nd Girl

9th 62 Hope Inglis Kent Velo Kids  3rd Girl

10th 60 William Munday Bedgebury Boars

11th 70 Tulsi Bakrania Team Darenth

12th 72 Kerrys Baker Team Darenth

Under 14 Juvenile

1st 70 Thomas Knowler Team Darenth

2nd 73 Luke Hazell Team Darenth

3rd 76 Thomas Metcalfe Team Darenth

4th 80 Sam Gains Team Darenth

5th 72 Polly Burge Kent Velo Kids 1st Girl

6th 71 Ellen Inglis Kent Velo Kids 2nd Girl

7th 77 Caleb Brown Team Darenth

Under 16

1st 92 George3 Metcalfe Team Darenth

2nd 99 Oscar Brewster Bedgebury Boars

3rd 94 Adam Wilson

4th 91 Sam Dale Woolwich CC

5th 90 Ed Bennett

6th 93 Sam Lingham Team Darenth


1st 103 Hayden Cassidy V C de Londres

2nd 102 Aaron Howling San Fairy Ann CC

3rd 101 Robin Jarvis Bedgebury Forest CC


1st 62 Lucy Manning Dulwich Paragon

2nd 60 Kary Greer Kent Velo Girls

3rd 61 Alice Jarvis Bedgebury Forest CC


1st   41 Derek Wilson

2nd  30 Kurt Minter Tradervan

3rd 40 Mark Amicucci-Brown Evans Cycles

4th 37 Joe Willard Bedgebury Forest CC

5th 38 Mark Goodman RM Cycles

6th 31 Terry Minter Tradervan

7th 35 Mark Laing Medway Tri

8th 36 Carl Shawcross Medway Tri

9th 42 Ketan Bakrania Team Darenth

10th 34 Rob Dale Woolwich CC

11th 32 Max Braham

12th 33 John Bennett

13th 39 Steve Metcalfe Team Darenth


1st 9    Glenn Whittington Southborough and District Whs

2nd 10  Jules Birks VC de Londres

3rd 11 Mark Shepherd Fruit for London

4th 3 Tate Dorton

5th 6  Luke Sheffield Bedgebury Forest CC

6th 12 William  Simpson Repack

7th 1  Paul Cowand

8th 8  Alvaro Mari-Thompson Dulwich Paragon

9th 7  Sam Ward Bedgebury Forest CC

10th 5 Kevin Shipp

11th 4 Karl Murley

Provisional Result

Final will be issued 22 July 2016