Monthly Trail Build

The second Saturday of the month, every month is BFCC Trail-build day. We meet up same as every other Saturday; 10 o’clock at the Quench bike wash, not for a club social ride but for some good honest trail-building graft! We’ll all head out into the forest to work on improving the trails for everyone to enjoy. Some months it may be maintenance jobs, some other months it might be building a new section of singletrack, if you’re lucky you might even get to help with a top-secret BFCC rake and ride project. Whatever it is we’re doing, the more volunteers who come out to help on these trail-build days, the more new trails and improvements we can deliver.

DSC01127The Forestry Commission are committed to supporting the BFCC’s plans for a host of improvements and additions to the red route over the next few years. A long term plan for projects has been submitted to the FC and been given approval. These are all projects which we believe are well within the capabilities of our volunteer work groups. There is a process to delivering these new trails and it takes time for all the approvals and permissions to be granted, we hope to be building at least two new sections of trail each year from now on. These trails will be designed to take advantage of the best micro terrain features which we can find within any given forest compartment containing any planned new trail. This is an effort to reduce the environmental impact of constructing artificial trail features, instead focusing on making the best use of what the forest floor has to offer us.

To deliver all this, we do, of course rely on the continuing support of you, our members. As a member you can help us in a few ways:

  • Please pay your Bedgebury annual vehicle admission fee through the club. 100% of the vehicle admission fee paid through the club gets fed directly into the bike trails, this is the only guaranteed funding for Bedgebury trail-building activities.
  • Come out and lend a hand on trail-build days, everyone is welcome, it’ll be great to meet you. There’s no need to bring any tools, we have an ever growing supply of shovels and barrows. Any time and effort, great or small all helps the cause, you’ll be surprised by what can be achieved in a small amount of time when a lot of bodies are committed to a task.
  • Please come along and give us some encouragement if you see us out, hard at work in the forest. A thank you is a great moral booster when the eighth heavy barrow of the day needs trundling a hundred metres to fill in a muddy puddle.
  • Please notice and adhere to our warning signage. We don’t want any accidents do we!

There will be incentives and rewards for those who volunteer on a regular basis… You won’t find out what they are unless you turn up and ask though! Come out and help the BFCC build the best trails around.