Junior Club FAQ’s

To deal with the many questions asked, we have developed the following ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) section to help our members:

How old must I be to join the Junior Club?

The minimum entry is strictly 8 year of age. In our experience this indicates that the rider will probably be sufficiently able to deal with physical demands of Club events and activities.

I am older than 8, but I haven’t ridden a bike much and not really confident on a bike. Is it still suitable for me to come along?

Regardless of age, if your level of fitness and skill is at the beginners’ stage of the sport, then we would ask you to participate in the Saturday Junior Club sessions that will help increase your time generally riding around to increase your fitness. This is to ensure you get a positive experience from the Junior Club from the outset and also in consideration of all the other more experienced riders.

I haven’t cycled off-road before, but I do ride my bike quite often with my mates and I think I am fit. Can I join the Junior Club?

Yes is the short answer. The main purpose of the Junior Club is to develop young riders’ off-road MTB skills so that you enjoy the discipline of Mountain Biking.

Is the Junior Club suitable for Girls?

Yes. We welcome all riders.

What type of bike should I have?

Ideally you should have a bike that is designed to ride off-road i.e. a Mountain Bike. The main requirements for the bike are:

  • It must be well maintained i.e. not rusty or have poor gears and brakes
  • It must have a front and rear brake in good working order.
  • It must be a ‘geared’ bike i.e. it should have a minimum of 7 gears on the rear wheel.
  • It must be of a suitable size for you i.e. not too small or too large.

Remember the coaches can and will offer advice if required.

I have a MTB bike, but it doesn’t work very well. Can I still come to the Junior Club with it?

No – see FAQ above.

If a member’s bike is deemed by a coach as being poorly maintain and thus unsafe then the rider will NOT be permitted to join the session that day. It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to ensure the bike is safe.

I don’t have a suitable off-road bike and my Parents don’t want to buy me another bike until they know I like this type of riding. How can I learn to ride off-road?

On a short-term basis (maximum 2 sessions) the Club have their own MTB bikes that can be hired for £5 to a rider for these first two Junior Club sessions. Parents/Guardians’ please speak to a coach in advance as you will need to escort your child to the coaching area to collect the bike (10 minutes walk).

My bike needs some maintenance work and my Parents don’t know anything about bikes. What can I do? Can the coaches help?

Coaches are here to develop your skills, not to maintain your bike. We will when necessary complete emergency repairs out in the forest, as even the best bikes can break whilst riding in difficult terrain. You should get your bike serviced by a cycle shop. The Club recommends Quench Cycles located at Bedgebury who offer discounted rates to members.

My Dad/Mum is a keen cyclist and would like to help. Is this possible?

Yes, we are always looking for Volunteers to support coaches. We are actively encouraging Parents/Guardians to help on the Junior Club Forest rides – if you the junior rider is happy for them to be there of course.

How do I become a member?

Please see our membership page on the website for details.

How much does it cost to participate in the Junior Club?

As long as you are a Junior member of Bedgebury Forest Cycle Club (BFCC) then the Saturday Junior Club is FREE.

Will my Parents/Guardian have to wait around whilst I am at the Club?

Please read our BFCC Policy for Lead Riders for details.