Mountain Bike Coaching with Bedgebury CC

Mountain Bike Coaching

The year 2020 and early 2021 has been a difficult year for everyone. The BFCC Coaching Team were extremely disappointed in not being able to offer our usual coaching program to our members – a first for many years. The pandemic lock-down was finally lifted for outdoor coach-led training for all ages on the 29th March 2021. However, sensible precautions remain for the foreseeable future and our governing body British Cycling advises that all affiliated Club rides should remain limited to groups of 15*.

We at BFCC remain committed to providing sports education and skills development opportunities to all our members. However, we have a duty of care towards the coaching team

Head Coach – Gary Scott
  • Gary Scott
    Head Coach – Head Coach – MTB Specific Level 3 that enables one-to-one coaching that meets the demands of aspiring professional riders
  • Tim Bizley
    Coach – MTB Specific Level 2
  • Michael Paine
    CoachMTB Specific Level 2
  • Andy Bocking
    Coach – MTB Specific Level 2
  • Justin Sheffield
    Coach  – MTB Specific Level 2
  • Paul Stevens
    Coach – Generic Level 2
  • Ali Jarvis
    Ladies Coach – Generic Level 2
  • Danny Klein-Essink
    Coach – Generic Level 2
  • Ade Hackett
    Coach – Generic Level 2

Junior Coaching

To facilitate learning within similar ability levels, we continue to offer Junior coaching within two separate groups. All new members can participate in the Saturday Junior Club. Advance Junior Club members are by invitation only and normally will be selected from the Saturday Junior Club. Follow the link’s below for more specific information for each Club:

Adult Coaching

The coaching team is available to support development of MTB skills for our adult members, so it’s never too late to start learning a deeper understanding of the skills and techniques that will improve your enjoyment of the sport. You may think you know how to ride…, but you may be surprised by the difference a few sessions of coaching will make to your riding.

NOTE: All one-to-one coaching sessions or personal coach will be under separate contract fees. If you are interested in individual coaching or wish to register your interest in a group session, then please email  Gary Scott – Head Coach with your enquiry.

* – This dispensation to exceed the guidance on max number of people gathering is only permitted at British Cycling affiliated Club events.