Adult Coaching for all abilities


BFCC remains committed to providing sport education and skill development for all our members. The Committee continues to invest and review the sports development in order to support the growing demands of our membership. The Club is rightly proud that we are recognised as an all-inclusive Club and welcome all riders of all abilities.

Last year the leisure-side of our sport saw exponential growth in E-Bikes, which we believe is a trend set to continue. In-line with our all-inclusive policy, we recognise that E-Bikes are a new class of bike rider that requires our support with greater understanding and application of correct riding techniques, in order to minimize impact on the quality trails developed at Bedgebury. Therefore, we are looking to offer the first E-Bike specific training to our members.

Our adult courses will be led by two British Cycling coaches and aims to develop the core skills to support riders in improving their enjoyment of the 13km off-road single track or the family trails at Bedgebury Forest. The course/s will look at the various techniques required to be a safe, competent and skilled rider in either multi-users family trails or an off-road environment, although the skills learnt can apply to any cycling discipline or activity.

The courses are aimed at a wide spectrum of riders from those who haven’t ridden a bike for years to people who ride regularly and understand the basic principles of cycling, but not necessarily in an off-road environment. We will cover many aspects of mountain biking skills, which look to develop & build on from your current riding ability and skills.

Our goal is to make the off-road cycling exciting and to encourage you to develop your newly learnt skills through regular riding. Our qualified and highly experience coaches are dedicated to passing on the techniques that look so easy, but can prove so difficult to execute. The dedicated coaching area continually evolves and provides a safe & friendly environment in which all riders can achieve new skills and confidence.

The coaching team will initially be offering three courses, although more sessions may be considered upon demand from our members:

Adult beginners’ course – 2020 date to be confirmed in Spring

This course is aimed at the new member riders, where it has been far too many years since you last rode a bike. Reasons for booking this course will vary for taking up the sport again, from wanting to ride with your children, gain fitness or rekindle the passion for riding a bike.

Adult Intermediate course – 2020 date to be confirmed in Spring

We look to set the development of the riders at a pace and level driven by the group. You will already be a confident rider, maybe in another discipline, and looking to develop MTB skills. Please provide as much detail within your Rider Profile Form that will aid the coaches in planning for a successful day.

E-Bike course – 2020 date to be confirmed in Spring, subject to members interest. Please email Head Coach to express your interest

A first for BFCC, where we look to support E-Bike riders understanding of controlling the higher levels of momentum achieved with a pedal assist powered bike. This new type of bike is encouraging and enables many new riders who either haven’t ridden a bike in years or they are new to the sport but want to get fit and have fun at the same time. However, this comes with risks as inexperience riders take to the trails on a ‘motorised’ and potentially very fast bike with little or no training. The growth in E-Bikes is good news for the sport, but like any new style of riding requires adaptation, support, and coaching to ensure a bright and inclusive future for all. With any sport involving speed, the faster you ride the quicker you need to be able to react to situations and to ride responsibly. Key for any rider, new or experienced, is to remain safe and respect other users of the forest. Our view is simple: to ride quicker you need to react quicker. Therefore, it is essential riders instinctively know how to apply correct core techniques that mitigates risks to both the rider and others.
This course will explore core techniques, the impact E-Bikes has on your riding style, the impact to the trails and the rider’s etiquette towards other trail users to ensure a positive image is maintained for the sport.

All courses run from 10.00am to 2pm. It will cost just £50 (£40 for members) for the half-day course, so book early to avoid disappointment as places will be limited to a maximum of 8 riders on a first come basis. Under British Cycling guidance to coaches, there must be a minimum of 3 riders for the course.

To book please download the Booking Form (including Rider Profile form) and send to our Head Coach. Payment must be made in advance to confirm your place and can be complete either by:

  • sending a cheque payable to Bedgebury Forest Cycle Club with your booking form, or
  • PayPal payment to and using reference ‘Coach-[your surname]’

Junior members
The development of our two Junior Clubs provides the dedicated coaching schedule
for Junior members. Please follow the following links for more details: